I could not have done this without the support of many people, including professionals, relatives and friends.

Specifically I am want to extend gratitude to:

Dr. Sunya Schweig, my Lyme MD at Hillpark Medical Center in Petaluma, CA who has been helping me the through the entire process and carefully tuned antibiotics and antifungal treatments.

Dr. Kastner in Vienna Austria, who helped me through rounds of IV Antibitics combined with Ozone, which took the initial bacterial load down. I learned a lot from him about the interworkings of Ozone therapy and IV antibiotics. I will never forgot one session where my blood was so dirty (literally black) from all the debris of dying borrelia that it clogged up the ozone system filter.

Dr. Kleef in Vienna Austria to whom I went for Hypthermia Therapy. He runs a great clinic, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and providing a key breakthrough for me.

Scott Forsgren, certified Klinghardt practitioner and killer writer of, my #1 resource for learning about Lyme. Scott's ART testing has been essential for optimizing treatments on an ongoing basis.

Peter Grill in Vienna who helped me tune and re-tune essential oil treatments using Holopathy, a meridian based measurement technique practiced in Europe.

Herwig and Charlotte, who both have developed amazing remote energy healing methods.

My parents Christa and Kurt in Vienna, who were very supportive during my heat treatments and encouraged me through the entire process

An lastly my wife and friend Susan. Without her prior experience in Lyme and Co. my healing process would have been much slower and very different.