In 2012 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, an infection caused by borrelia bacteria. The performed lab work was not an indirect immune marker test, but an actual culture test. I could see the stained spirochetes on the microscope image, it was beyond doubt.

I am not sure how long the spirochetes have been in my body and how they got there. I had never noticed a tick bite but I had been tired and sluggish for a couple years before and I did have a weird fever earlier that summer. The fatigue had started to affect me in my life as a Silicon Valley professional. And a couple weeks after the diagnosis my joints and muscles began to hurt.

My wife had been diagnosed with Lyme 3 years earlier and I had watched her condition deteriorate to the point where all our activity based aspects of our relationship had come to a halt.  She was too ill to function and the only time we were spending together was is in our home. It was very sad for us. But because of my wife’s condition I had a head start going into the overall Lyme experience. I had already done a lot of research in the years leading up to my diagnosis, including alternative treatment options. I also knew already that a treatment plan focused on oral antibiotics and system support supplements alone would not be enough to get me well.

What followed over the next year was a rollercoaster of ups and downs going through conventional and alternative treatments across two continents.  It was a crazy time, consisting of successes and setbacks and a lot of on the fly learning and applying. In retrospect I believe that one of the main contributors to my recovery was Whole Body Hyperthermia - artificially induced fever - therapy performed in Austria. As this treatment method is not very common in the US I thought it would be good to write about it and create some awareness. The combination of 1) Hyperthermia 2) antimicrobials such as essential oils and 3) Ozone treatment helped me break through the wall I had hit with oral antibiotics. Once Lyme was under control I focused on co-infectants, mostly Bartonella,  Babesia, Mycoplasma and fungal infections

Two years after my Lyme episode my energy had come back a great deal but I was still far away from pre-Lyme levels. Something was still holding me back. The breakthrough came when I took a new mycoxin test that showed that I had been dealing with mycotoxin overload stemming from mold exposure (which also causes Lyme like symptoms). It could have been from exposure anywhere - car, work or home. I also seemed to respond extremely sensitive to mold and mycotoxins in my environment. A that point I shifted my focus to mold detox to get all those biotoxins out out of my body. And I still kept following some of my old protocols including essential oils, antimicrobials, and biofilm cocktails as I did have a couple smaller Lyme relapses.

After having spent now four years successfully fighting off one infection after another, including Lyme, Candida, Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma I have to admit that anti-microbials, Ozone, hyperthermia along with optimized nutrition are great to address infections but not really enough to fully heal. I decided to look a level deeper and find out what is behind all this, what is causing my immune system to be so sluggish, may it be physical, environmental, emotional or spiritual reasons.

I am convinced that there has to be a better way to reset the body, strengthen the immune system and lead a radiant life again. This website documents my self exploration journey to rebuild my immunity and regain resilience. It tracks research around immunity, diseases, detoxification, nutrition, spirituality and longevity.  As I am still working on regaining my full health I hope some of the insights I am making during my journey may be helpful for your healing process.

This site is meant to share my story and learnings. It is not designed to be medical advice - I am  not a doctor - it should be viewed as a source of encouragement, new ideas, and insights.

I wish you all the Best in your own personal healing process!