My Lyme and mold illness treatment consisted of several components that I adopted over the course of a year and have been pursuing to this date in one form or another. I started to look back at what I was doing more systematically and began to categorize the various protocol components I was using into six categories:

My Lyme and Mold Treatment Concept

Herbal antimicrobials such as essential oils or herbal tinctures kill Lyme spirochetes and co-infectants and are typically the first line of attack. In severe cases Antibiotics IVs are needed to create an initial "kill" boost. To be honest I found oral antibiotics mostly useless, they seem to do more harm in the intestines than good.

Oxidative therapies such as Ozone therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide, or MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) also help kill off bacteria and boost the immune system. At the same time ozone also helps with immunity and repair functions. Hyperbaric chamber is another great option for cellular repair from Lyme damage.

Hyperthermia (artificially induced fever) and other immune boosters such as Astragalus or Cordyceps mushroom help the immune system to kill off borrelia and other bacteria or fungi.

To expose bacterial colonies embedded in hard to reach biofilms (basically a sludge that prevents immune bodies and antimicrobials to reach them) I used biofilm breakers such as enzymes, grape fruit seed extract and chelation agents. Addressing biofilm is critical to remove dormant colonies from the body but can't be done too early in the treatment as it may cause strong die off and herx reactions.

While doing antimicrobials ongoing detoxification must be used to clean out lymph, blood, liver, and the intestinal tract of toxic borrelia byproducts, mycotoxins and other bacterial loads. Good detox options are bentonite, zeolith, chlorella, modified citrus pectin, activated charcoal and cholestyramine for mold.

Last but not least I used energy and muscle testing based measurement techniques such as Klinghardt ART testing to establish an ongoing, closed loop system of testing and treatment adjustments. I also looked at removing emotional blockages and started meditation to further stimulate my body’s self healing capabilities.

Borrelia can cause severe damage to the endocrine and digestive system (for a while my blood work was all over the place) as well as a significant amount of pain and inflammation. To compensate for the damage I utilized hormonal, digestive, and liver support as well as natural anti inflammatories such as frankencinse oil and curcumin. I also adjusted my nutrition to a vegetable heavy, low carb, paleo type diet and removed all gluten and any inflammation causing foods. All in all this turned out to be quite a labor intensive program.

What is critical to understand is that I did all of those activities, although certain modalities were more emphasized than others at certain points of time. At the beginning of the treatment I was more focusing on IVs, antimicrobials, Ozone therapy as well as Hyperthermia and detox. Later on I worked a bit more on biofilms and inflammation control and then I put further emphasis on detoxing and emotional and energy work but still kept occasional oxidative therapies and infrared sauna (hyperthermia) going.

I don’t believe that any one single approach can bring about complete recovery from Lyme, as these modalities need to work synergistically. However if you ask me which protocol would provide you with the biggest bang for the buck I would point towards Whole Body Hyperthermia.

When it comes to Lyme everybody is different and my personal approach presented here may not necessarily work for everbody.  However, the described framework includes a lot of treatment concepts that are talked about and applied by well known Lyme literate doctors in the US and Europe. These are not my ideas by any means. All I did is research them, compile them, test them out and apply them into a system that would work for me.